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Historic Lighting Preservation
Restoration Of Museum Quality Lighting Fixtures
Replication of Non-existentPeriod Lighting from Archival Images
Reproduction of Originals
Retrofitting of Period Devices
Jefferson Art Lighting Company designs and manufactures custom lighting fixtures, lamp parts, glass shades, and decorative metal object for residential and commercial projects in the United States and abroad. The firm specializes in all phases of historic lighting preservation. The company restores and retrofits museum quality lighting fixtures, replicates historic and period lighting fixtures from archival photographs and period trade catalogs and makes the highest quality reproductions. This work frequently involves original conceptualization, professional specification, designing, engineering, fabricating, pattern-making, creating decorative metal castings and hand-forging metal as well as hand-blowing custom glass shades. Jefferson Art Lighting Company's authentic recreations are based on professional historical research, antique lighting trade catalogs, photographic archives and an extensive collection of antique and period lighting devices, per owner Teri Arthur Jefferson's thirty-five years of personal hands-on experience. Historically researched and professionally engineered, all of Jefferson Art Lighting Company's creations exhibit proper scale, precise detailing, authentic period finishes, and quality associated with fine antiques. Jefferson Art Lighting Company's historic preservation lighting projects frequently merge the old with the new. Closely guarded trade secrets and modern technology are utilized to fabricate sound structures with lovely durable authentic finishes. Antiquated electrical systems are retrofitted to meet modern requirements for safety, performance and energy conservation. Each completed lighting fixture is thoroughly tested for proper alignment, fit, structural integrity and electrical safety. The fine quality durable finish is examined carefully before appropriate safety labels and the company's Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listing mark are applied. Jefferson Art Lighting Company guarantees its products and work for total customer satisfaction.

Jefferson Art Lighting Company currently is in the process of developing new product lines of the finest quality decorative hardware for institutional and residential applications. They will be featured on our website as they become available.